Lets tell stories together

This blog is all about creating stories together. I will start out with the beginning of a story (or you can), sometimes just a paragraph or two, others the first chapter, then someone can post a reply with more, then another person can continue. As we get more and more people adding to the story, things should get really interesting. I’ll try to get a bunch of different stories started in many different genres. Let me know what else can be added or any other ideas you may have. Also if you have story starters let me know.

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I had a thought that I would like to share. If we get enough stories completed to create a book of short stories, then I could publish the book online. People could order the book and receive a hard copy of it. The parts submitted by each person would be noted so you can show your friends and family the part where you contributed. It can be labeled with either your screen name or your real name, that is up to you. Any profits from the sales of the book would be distributed to each contributor based on the percentage of the word count they contributed. I doubt there would be very much money at all, but you all know the saying about a penny. I just think it would be neat if you had a book sitting on your coffee table and someone asked about it you could say, “I actually wrote a little bit of that.”

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